Our Network

Our business connection network:

As accountants we are often restricted in the advice and assistance that we can offer under certain circumstances.

Where and as required we have a network of specialists to assist in the following areas:

Investments, Life Assurance and Pensions.

These issues are very pertinent in many businesses and we work closely with like minded independent financial advisors who are dental and medical specialists who share our business ethos and enthusiasm for the healthcare sector.

Specific Legal and Professional Issues

Legal assistance is frequently sought in relation to a business sale or the acquisition of a new business, home or investment property.

Whilst we can assist in the financial issues regarding these matters specialist legal advice is essential from knowledgeable and competent professionals. We have a network of legal specialists that we can refer clients to depending on their needs and requirements.

One very important, but frequently overlooked issue, is that of a current Last Will and Testament!

Banking and Financial

We have very well established relationships with banks, finance providers and independent specialists within the healthcare sector that enables us to facilitate:

  • the restructuring of finances
  • borrowing for equipment or vehicle purchases
  • business acquisitions
  • the re-mortgaging of your home


We have also have specialist connections within:

  • Computers and technology
  • Advertising and marking and,
  • Telecoms and Internet


We do not accept introducers fees or commissions from any of the businesses to which we refer. We recommend these individuals as we can be assured that they will not attempt to sell you products that are not in your best interests. We ask that any commissions be deducted from the costs of services purchased by you if they are offered to us.

From our Cardiff office, we manage a nationwide client base and aim to meet with all clients annually as required.